Photo Parata v0.9.8.31 is released!!!!!

Photo Parata v0.9.8.31 is out and ready for you all to download and enjoy. Here is the list of fixes since the last new posting:
If you are upgrading from a version prior to version, you will need to upgrade both the KVS and the Silverlight runtime on the computer.  This should happen automatically for you, if you have questions, please ask or see the instulation instructions.
  • Lowered the minimum digit requirement from 5 to 3 on the free form phone number
  • Fixed error while trying to open Image Processing Configuration 
  • Added ability to change the large word on the login screen from "Phone Number" to something else.
  • Added the ability to ingest from a single folder
  • Upgraded core KVS code to Silverlight 5
  • Fixed the bug that was preventing the slideshow from working when the operator turns off the "Automatically put new carts in slide show" option.
  • Fixed the issue that when upgrading Silverlight, the system went out to the Internet. Now it runs locally only.

  • Added ability to sync multiple images at one time, decreasing the sync time.
  • Added watermark to the export feature
  • Added the ability to export images from a Category or Image Gallery
  • Added report by shooter
  • Added accelerator keys to create, rename, and delete Categories and Image Galleries
  • Added logging to the Sale Center
  • Fixed after creating a new Category or Image Gallery, the parent node stays active
  • Fixed total rounding error in KVS Invoice when there was no tax.
  • Fixed invoice address not being saved
  • Fixed invoice displaying random information 
  • Fixed various other minor bugs
  • Upgraded reporting engine
  • Upgraded the Qt Runtime
  • Upgraded Silverlight runtime to 5.0 (does require a KVS upgrade)
NikonShooter on Monday July 22, 2013 - 09:56:37 PM | Comments are turned off for this item
Photo Parata has a Peer Preview in Studio Photography Magazine!
Photo Parata Event Software:

Lets Customers Easily Buy Images On-site

Faster Presentations, Faster Ordering, More Profit

 Photo Parata is client-server software designed by photographer/programmer/workflow guru Sam Carleton from the ground up, with event photographers in mind. This workflow solution enables the event photographer to rapidly display the photographs made during the event to customers, with a user experience that has customers throwing completed order forms at you as fast as they can finish filling them out.

**Read the rest of the article on the July issue of Studio Photography magazine for the entire Peer Review!
NikonShooter on Thursday July 10, 2008 - 07:15:40 AM | Comments are turned off for this item
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